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Background of the Worldview Intelligence Framework

The Worldview Intelligence Framework is rooted in solid academic and philosophical research and rigour thanks to the work and insight of Belgian philosopher and logician Leo Apostel (1925-1995). In his day, Apostel felt the world was becoming increasingly fragmented, particularly in the sciences, and he wanted to create a way to encourage communication across disciplines. He invited many collaborators to meet regularly to develop a framework that would move from fragmentation to integration.

Jerry Nagel came across the work of Apostel while doing research for his PhD which is grounded in worldviews, the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter and social constructionist theory.

In this video, Jerry shares the background of the framework, the six dimensions and the success we have been having in practical application – a step Apostel did not get to before his death – and some of what we have been seeing in the various explorations. Kathy Jourdain